World Bipolar Day 2014 in Indonesia

Celebrating The world Bipolar Day 2014
lnternational organizations collaborate to promote global awareness of bipolar disorder
World Bipolar Day (WBD) will be celebrated each year in different parts of the world every 30th March, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed as a probable bipolar patient. But Van Gogh was not alone. Many other celebrities were also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Among them were Nietsche, Florence Nightingale, Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Sidney Sheldon, Virginia Woolf, Edgar AIIan poe, Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Sinead O'connor, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Demi Lovato and Edvard Munch who was famous for his painting 'The scream'.
Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder typically classified as a mood disorder. lt is characterized by episodes of elevated mood known as mania, usually alternating with episodes of depression. lt represents a significant challenge for patients, health care workers, family members and our communities. The global prevalence of bipolar disorder is estimated around 1-3 % and is the 6th leading cause of disability in the world accordnig to the World Health organization. To address this global problem, we need a global solution. There has been a growing acceptance of bipolar disorder as a medical condition, just like diabetes or heart disease, unfortunately the stigma associated with it along with the lack of awareness of such disorder is a barrier to care and continues to impede early diagnosis and effective treatment in other parts of the world. ln order to address this disparity, the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder (ANBD) the lnternationaI Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) and the lnternational society for Bipolar Disorders (lSBD) came together to work on the concept of a world bipolar day. Indonesia as a member of ANBD also involved in celebrating WBD. Centred in Surabaya, the Bipolar and Other Mood Disorder Section of Indonesia Psychiatric Association held this very important activities.
The vision of WBD is to ignite world-wide awareness of bipolar disorders and eliminate social stigma. Through international collaboration, the goal of World Bipolar Day is to bring the world population information about bipolar
disorders that will educate and improve sensitivity towards the illness. With the support from leading experts from all over the world, groups like ANBD, IBPF, and ISBD are supporting efforts to investigate biological causes, targets for drug treatment, better treatments, better methods of diagnosis, the genetic components of the illness, and strategies for living well with bipolar disorders.
One patient explains,
"I am so excited about this project and its message. It is so important to educate the world and fight the stigma that is associated with mental illness. Bipolar does not have to be scary. I am the face of Bipolar. I am just like everyone else. With the right treatment plan, I am able to live a stable and happy life. "
In partnership with Bipolar and other Mood Disorder sections of the Indonesian Psychiatric Association, the Harmony in Diversity Community would like to participate in launching the World Bipolar Day with “Walk in Harmony” as the main theme.  
The members of the Harmony in Diversity Community comprises psychiatrists, psychologists, persons with  bipolar,  family members, caregivers, general physicians, nurses, therapists, other mental health care professionals as well as those with various professions who are concerned about mental health.
Taking place at the Taman Bungkul Park, Surabaya, from 6 to10 a.m., the celebration featured the following activities:  
- Health  walk and  handing out brochures on bipolar 
- Talk show on bipolar disorder 
- Poetry reading  by participants with bipolar (title: “Bipolaria”) 
- Testimonies of patients with bipolar 
- Journalistic Bipolar Award presentation  
- Photo session 
- Gathering 
Among the 150 participants were guests of honor, the press, bipolar patients and their families, members of the Bipolar & other Mood Disorder Sections of the Indonesian Psychiatric Association, the Harmony in Diversity Community,the Indonesian Bipolar Care, the Surabaya chapter of the Indonesian Psychiatric Association, the Menur Mental Hospital, the Indonesian Schizophrenia Care Community (KPSI), visitors to Taman Bungkul Park and passers-by.
A huge crowd was enthusiastically listened to the highlight
of the socialization on Awareness And Deā€stigmatization
on Bipolar Disorders
President of the Bipolar and Other Mood 
Disorder Section of Indonesia Psychiatric Association
give the 1 st  winner of Journalistic 
Newspaper article on World Bipolar Day 2014